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Western Reserve Landcare offers a wide range of services, from Weekly Lawn Mowing to Outdoor Accent Lighting. We pride ourselves on quality service and outstanding customer support. Contact us to learn more.

Spring Clean-up
Blowing clean all planting beds and turfgrass areas, spot raking and stick and twig pick-up.

Weekly Lawn Mowing
Mowing (collection of clippings) edging of all turf to concrete surfaces, and string trimming.

Edging and Trimming
If you like cutting your own grass Great! Just let us come and edge all the turf to concrete surfaces and string trim.

Vacation Cuts
Headed on a trip. Dont forget about your lawn! Let us come and cut the grass while you are gone.

Shrub Trimming
Weather you like your shrubs sheared or hand pruned we can handle that.

Lawn Seeding
Have some bare spots in the lawn? Let us come seed and peat them.

Bed Shaping
Let us come and edge your planting beds, both deep and shallow edges.

Let us come and install some of our Triple Shreadded Harwood Mulch.

Fall Clean-up
Hate raking leaves? Let us come and do that!

Weather its one plant or hundreds let us come and plant it for you!

Landscape Design Services
Weather you have questions about one area in the yard, or need a whole new landscape we have the expertise to come up with a design.

Sprinkler Systems
New Systems, Troubleshooting, Dry or Wet Spots. We can handle all your irrigation needs.

Outdoor Accent Lighting
Let us help make your yard sparkle! Even after the sun has gone down!

Fertilizer and Weed Control
Just need one application to help control weeds, or our famous 4 step program.

Seasonal Color Installation
Want to add some color to your planting beds for the summer, try some seasonal color!